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Smart IoT Solutions

- Batch equipment management, equipment interconnection. Device linkage, massive device connection to the cloud, two-way message communication between the device and the cloud
- Remote control and monitoring
- OTA upgrade

Smart Speaker Solution

A smart speaker like a hub between human and machine, collecting the request and send it to server, where the information is analysed using the machine learning to inference, then responses to the request, playing a song, answering a question, making a call, etc. Audio optimization, AI algorithms and cloud service are the key for a reliable smart speaker.

Smart Elderly Care Solution

Use intelligent age management systems and smart devices to improve the quality of life of the elderly at home. The development and application of intelligent technology can enable the elderly aged 65 and above to enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment

Smart Hotel Solution

Based on VIDEOSTRONG self-developed IoT management platform, applies Google Cloud service, integrates IPTV management system.

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