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Smart Speaker Solution

Smart speaker solution is a hardware-based solution customized for home entertainment scenarios, which can provide the device with complete voice interaction capabilities, multi-scene voice skills, and cover daily interaction needs in the home.
• Become a caring smart housekeeper for the family.
• Control home appliances, play music on demand, and quickly make voice calls through voice commands.

Home Healthcare System

A health management system for elderly care.
*Only available for Chinese domestic version.

Smart IoT Solutions

- Batch equipment management, equipment interconnection. Device linkage, massive device connection to the cloud, two-way message communication between the device and the cloud
- Remote control and monitoring
- OTA upgrade

Smart Elderly Care Solution

Use intelligent age management systems and smart devices to improve the quality of life of the elderly at home. The development and application of intelligent technology can enable the elderly aged 65 and above to enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment

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