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Smart Gateway Solution

The smart home gateway hardware solution consists of a gateway and an OTT that covers multiple protocols, designed specifically for the hotel industry.
• The gateway and OTT work together to create a seamless and reliable home automation system, allowing for seamless control of smart devices in the hotel room.
• With the high-performance processor, the system can handle large amounts of data and execute complex commands quickly.
• The IPTV video on-demand and live broadcast functions enable guests to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, making their stay more enjoyable.

Hotel TV System Solution

Provides modular, dedicated hotel TV solutions for global customers. We offer comprehensive solutions integrating software and hardware, supporting both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options for quick and short-term deployment. Our solution integrates seamlessly with PMS systems, supporting data clearance upon checkout for simplified operations.

Hotel Chromecast Solution

A Chromecast solution tailored for hotels, providing built-in TV-version Chromecast. Hotel guests can connect to the room's Wi-Fi or device hotspot to cast their phone content to the set-top box, preventing accidental casting, while enhancing audiovisual effects and maintaining privacy.

Smart IoT Solutions

- Batch equipment management, equipment interconnection. Device linkage, massive device connection to the cloud, two-way message communication between the device and the cloud
- Remote control and monitoring
- OTA upgrade

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