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Video Call All-in-One Device Solution

The video calling all-in-one device is an elderly-oriented device that integrates a camera, speaker, and microphone, supporting high-definition audio and video calls and TV entertainment functions, meeting the customized needs of intelligent hardware in AIoT industries such as smart homes and smart elderly care.
• Support Ethernet/WIFI/Bluetooth connections
• One-stop solution based on the Android system
• Deeply integrated with third-party elderly care software
• Video Conferencing for Android TV

Smart Gateway Solution

The smart home gateway hardware solution consists of a gateway and an OTT that covers multiple protocols, designed specifically for the hotel industry.
• The gateway and OTT work together to create a seamless and reliable home automation system, allowing for seamless control of smart devices in the hotel room.
• With the high-performance processor, the system can handle large amounts of data and execute complex commands quickly.
• The IPTV video on-demand and live broadcast functions enable guests to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, making their stay more enjoyable.

Smart Speaker Solution

Smart speaker solution is a hardware-based solution customized for home entertainment scenarios, which can provide the device with complete voice interaction capabilities, multi-scene voice skills, and cover daily interaction needs in the home.
• Become a caring smart housekeeper for the family.
• Control home appliances, play music on demand, and quickly make voice calls through voice commands.

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