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The growth of our company over decade has enabled us to design and manufacture intelligent hardware products, provide customers with a turnkey solutions and services.

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Hardware Customization

VIDEOSTRONG provides comprehensive hardware development services, cost-effective embedded hardware solution in line with ISO9001 standards, which can meet customers' requirements for high reliability within a short development cycle. These devices and systems are based on the existing rich product lines of VIDEOSTRONG, which are suitable for industrial applications such as smart hotels, smart homes, and age at home, etc.

Hardware customization service
  • 01

    Smart Speaker

  • 02

    2D/3D Camera + Far-Field Voice Control + Vision & Voice Algorithm

  • 03

    Edge AI Box, Smart Box

  • 04

    AI Hardware Platform

  • 05

    Intelligent Motherboard, ARM Core Board

  • 06

    Google Certified Android TV™ Box

  • 07

    OTT+Router, OTT+GPON

  • 08

    Projector + Streaming Player

  • 09

    Terminal Management System TMS

Supported programs

A311D RK3568 ASTRA+ H313
A311D2 RK3399
S905D3 RK3288

Customizable product form

  • Product ODM/OEM
    Product ODM/OEM

    Customize one-stop product solutions according to customer needs.

  • PCBA

    Provide PCBA for customers according to the special needs of customers in different industries

  • Core Board Customization
    Core Board Customization

    Customize core board for customers

  • Value-add Services
    Value-add Services

    Customize value-added service systems to help customers increase revenue

Software Customization

Software customization service

Provide a complete set of software system customization services including system development, UI interface customization, application programming, driver porting and kernel modification, etc.

• Firmware, Device Drivers, BSP, Middleware

• Porting to different development environments

• Integration to target platform

• Wireless connectivity

Software customization service
  • Board Design Services
    Board Design Services

    - Building a tailored carrier board according to customers' requirements
    - Integration of our SoM in the end user's hardware for cost reduction and lower footprint

  • Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    - Firmware, Device Drivers, BSP, Middleware
    - Porting to different development environments
    - Integration to target platform
    - Wireless connectivity

  • Application Programming Interface
    Application Programming Interface

    - Full Bi-directional CEC API
    - IR Blaster learning API
    - HDMI input API with PIP, scaling and resize
    - Playready Player API
    - DVB API supporting SDK to build own player

  • Driver/Kernel System Development
    Driver/Kernel System Development:

    - Kernel customization and source code release
    - Media work customization
    - Uboot/recovery customization
    - Driver porting, including touch panel driver
    - OTT software porting

  • Media Streaming Protocol
    Media Streaming Protocol

    - Wifi SoftAP customization
    - DLNA DMR/DMC/DMP/DMS software customization
    - Miracast
    - Airplay protocol porting

  • GUI/Content Protection/Others
    GUI/Content Protection/Others

    - launcher customization
    - XBMC/Kodi based customization
    - HDCP for HDMI output, input and miracast
    - Mircosoft PlayReady
    - Google Widevine
    - Verimatrix

Mass Production Service

We Provide ODM services from product planning, product development, to product material procurement, production and processing, testing certification and after-sales service. Customers can put forward the functional requirements of the product, let us develop and produce; or based on our standard products, add customer tags, configure specific parameters and firmware, PCB, housing, wires and connectors, etc. It can also be a product that has been designed by the customer, let us purchase materials and process production and test.

Mass production service
  • Production Line
    Production Line
  • Production Line
    Production Line
  • Production  Line
    Production Line
  • Production Line
    Production Line

Project customization

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