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Company Profile

VIDEOSTRONG(VS) is a leading intelligent hardware product and solution provider. Focusing on combing emerging, disruptive technologies, like AI, IoT, cloud computing, edge computing, digital audio and video tech to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for operators, retailers, brands and industry customer, accelerate the process from the product prototype to mass production, from idea to product, from traditional device to smart device, empower global clients to develop the competitive and innovative intelligent terminal like IoT products in an efficient and professional way.
We place a high value on technological Progress and product innovation, as well as ecological cooperation. AS one of Google’s Android TV and Google TV ODM partner, we are able to offer innovative ATV and GTV products. The growth of our company over decade has enabled us to design and manufacture intelligent hardware products, provide customers with a turnkey solutions and services.
Inquiry: sales@videostrong.com

Videostrong Technology

- Google's Android TV™ and Google TV ODM partner.
- Smart elderly care, smart hotel, smart home entertainment solution provider.
- Over 12 years industry hardware development experience.
- Providing products and services to around 30 operators and about 100 million families in more than 65 countries and regions.

Expand our footprint in more technologies areas:
- Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
- IoT
- ATV all-in-one innovation products like ATV smart speaker, ATV+Camera, ATV+Router, ATV+GPON, ATV+Projector and more …

Videostrong hardware development experience

Corporate Culture

  • 01

    Creating the Future, Connecting the world

  • Mission

    committed to total customer satisfaction through close collaboration with ecosystem partners, and creates lasting value for our customers, enriching home life and building a more intelligent future.

  • Value

    Love work, love sports, love learning, love sharing, love empowerment, grateful heart, craftsman's heart


  • $ million
    2023 total turnover
  • years
    OEM / ODM services
  • +
    Steady growth
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    R & D Engineer
  • Over %
    Annual Revenue
    Invested in R&D
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    Countries and regions where
    the product is used