smart hotel solution
smart hotel solution

VIDEOSTRONG(VS) smart hotel solution, based on the self-developed IoT management platform, applies Google Cloud service, integrates IPTV management system, matches the OTT IoT convergence gateway and other smart terminals, and connect to the third-party PMS management system, through "cloud, network, Edge" collaboration, build core management capabilities, to provide one-stop smart hotel solutions for the hotel industry. Help hotels reduce management costs and improve customer satisfaction, creating a new model of smart hotels.

·  OTT hardware devices integrating Zigbee/Zwave gateway function (convergence gateway).

·  Support OTT convergence gateway and IoT Terminal (air conditioner, smart lights, smart lock, smart curtain, TV, etc.) management.

·  Support hotel IPTV management system.

·  Hotel information release, support advertising.

·  Open interface to connect with third-party business systems such as PMS…

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