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Which industry applications does the 3D camera bring opportunities for?


3D camera has dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, skeleton recognition, behavior analysis, speech recognition, motion detection, etc., allowing it to make corresponding responses according to human actions, and endow "thinking" and "perception" ability.

3D cameras can be used in smart fitness, entertainment games, elderly care at home, security monitoring, smart home, online education and other fields. It can be said that as much as the imagination of human beings, the application of 3D cameras is as big as it is!


Smart fitness personal trainer

If you want to exercise at home in cold winter or haze days, then you can use the 3D camera to realize real-time three-dimensional information collection, and accurately capture the user's posture by obtaining spatial depth data, upload the fitness data to the device terminal and analyze massive amounts of exercise data. When it detects that the user's fitness movements are incorrect, it can provide timely feedback and corrections to provide customized fitness solutions.

This smart fitness solution gets rid of the limitations of space and personal training, and users can enjoy high-quality exercise at home without going out.

AI smart fitness solution

Home-based care for the aged

Use the video monitoring function of the 3D camera to check the activity range of the elderly, use the AI algorithm to judge whether the elderly has fallen, and make analysis and warning on risky behavior. Timely send danger warning information to the network system and management platform of the communities and institution offering services for the elderly in order to ensure the safety of the elderly and realize elderly care services.

elderly home care solution

Distance Interactive Education

Use the 3D high-definition camera to integrate audio and video call functions to detect students' online learning dynamics, feedback learning results, create a comprehensive learning experience, and meet the needs of remote interactive teaching scenarios.

Distance learning solution

Motion Sensing Game Without Controller

How to make crazy game fans use the lowest cost to achieve the purpose of home entertainment? Through the smart TV set-top box and a 3D depth camera to achieve a controller-free game experience, combined with the user experience of high-sensitivity recognition of the 3D camera, the use of real-time motion capture, image recognition, microphone input and other functions, allows users to get rid of the shackles of traditional remote controls and gamepads, and control the game through their own body and transmit data to the game platform.


3D motion sensing game solution

KA3D is an innovative all-in-one product that integrates a 3D structured light depth-of-field camera into Android TV box, Amlogic S905D3 chips, 2GB+16GB with WiFi and bluetooth function. KA3D can also be customized and developed for individual needs, solve the required supporting and applicable problems to support different applications such as video calls, game entertainment, and intelligent monitoring, provide real-time, high-efficiency, low-cost, interconnected, and intelligent hardware devices.

KA3D 3D camera integrated into Android TV box

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