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How are Smart Speakers Changing Lifestyles?


Smart speakers are products that control the entry level of smart homes. The main selling point is the human-computer interaction of its voice and the content service played by the speaker. The user interacts with the voice of the smart speaker, allowing the smart speaker to execute the user's commands.

  The core technology of smart speakers is voice interaction technology. Voice interaction frees people from keyboards and mice, frees hands, and changes the way information is delivered. Intelligent voice assistants become people's exclusive secretaries, helping people manage all kinds of complicated things, and greatly improving work efficiency.

Google voice control home

  The principle of smart speakers

  1. The working principle of the content and services provided by the smart speaker: Assuming that the consumer issues an instruction to "inquire about air tickets from A to B" to the smart speaker, the voice interaction system of the smart speaker collects the voice, degrades the voice through the local processing unit of the voice algorithm and the audio decoding unit. Noise, wake up word recognition, convert the voice signal into a digital signal, and then upload the processed digital signal to the cloud server, the cloud server will carry out voice digital code recognition and semantic understanding, and then transfer the information in the air ticket reservation database to the intelligent Speakers, smart speakers restore the above digital signals to voice signals through the sound effect unit and play them out.

  2. The working principle of smart speaker controlling smart home: Assuming that the consumer sends the command to "turn off the light" to the smart speaker, the smart speaker collects and recognizes the voice and encodes the voice digital code through the cloud server for semantic understanding, and the obtained information Feed back to the home router and broadcast this control command through the router. Smart home devices have their own unique IP numbers. The smart home can identify whether the command involves its own IP number. Finally, after the identification of the socket of the electric light is completed, the instruction to turn off the electric light is completed.

  3. The intelligent voice interaction system of smart speakers is the key technology to realize its intelligence. The intelligent voice interaction system needs to have: 1) far-field recognition, 2) wake-up word wake-up, 3) voice recognition, and 4) semantic understanding. Any device that supports an intelligent voice interaction system can become a control center using voice as a medium, so in addition to smart speakers, it can also be used in cars, mobile phones, and wearable devices.


  How smart speakers are changing lives

  1. Voice interaction experience

  At present, the smart speakers have also carried out more in-depth research on voice interaction, which has improved the smart speakers' understanding of natural semantics. Users can control smart speakers through voice. From the most basic voice ordering songs to relatively complex online shopping, voice interaction is the core of smart speakers.

  2. Audio resource playback

  As a playback carrier, speakers are naturally inseparable from the support of content. For smart speakers, the content is no longer just music but includes various audio resources.

  3. Smart home control

  Smart speakers have always been regarded as the future home intelligent control terminal, and this is also a point that major manufacturers value very much.

  Judging from the current development situation, smart speakers have been able to control basic smart home devices, just like a universal voice remote control, which can control lights, curtains, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, rice cookers, and other smart home devices.

  However, the realization of these functions requires the support of home equipment, so it will take a long time for smart speakers to become the control terminal in the home when smart home equipment is not yet popularized.

  4. Life O2O Services

  Life service is also a very important function of smart speakers. Through cooperation with third-party applications such as Alipay Koubei and Didi Chuxing, it can provide information such as query surrounding, restaurant promotion information, road conditions, trains, air tickets, hotels, etc.

  Through the powerful e-commerce platform they rely on, users can shop on the speaker through voice, or use third-party applications to achieve other types of O2O services. For example taxis, flight booking, restaurants, logistics, etc., can further improve people's life without turning on their mobile phones.

  5. Life gadgets

  Based on home usage scenarios, smart speakers have also developed some very useful gadgets. For example, some smart speakers have gadgets such as calculators, unit conversions, checking travel restrictions, horoscopes, and answering machines. They have many uses in daily life, and compared with people's commonly used smartphones, smart speakers only need to "move your mouth." , it will naturally be more convenient.

  At present, smart speakers already have very rich functions, but for the overall smart speaker industry, smart speakers are still in their infancy, and the most commonly used function is listening to music. Other aspects need to be further improved before they can truly be used in daily life.

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