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What are the Functions of Google Home Smart Speakers?


    Google Home is a Google smart home device that can control home devices through voice. Google Home lets you listen to music and do a lot of tasks just by talking to Google Home. There is also a two-way conversation with Google Home.

    Functionally, through voice control, Google Home can control your speakers through voice, can be connected to your lights, thermostats, etc., and can become the control center of the home.

    The Google Home has a built-in 3-inch speaker, which basically has enough sound to fill an entire room, albeit without a lot of basses. Connecting to the Google Assistant voice assistant through the speaker, we can get most of the help, such as timers, playing music, or answering simple questions. In addition, Google also equipped Google Home with a custom AC power supply instead of USB power, so naturally, there is no need to worry about the power. Google Home only has two microphones, and Google Home uses a more complex cloud algorithm that allows two microphones to achieve the same effect as seven microphones. Google wants to use the Google Home to build an ecosystem that will play music from YouTube by default, read calendars, web news, and weather forecasts, and work simultaneously with Chromecast. Google demonstrated the powerful voice recognition capabilities of Google Home, which allows you to search and play music directly. Google Home also has a function of My Day, which can arrange your day's schedule for you.

Google Home

Specifically, the Google Home smart speaker has the following functions?

1. Language system

    It is well known that Google is vigorously developing AI. The benefit of AI is that it can make devices smarter and easier to understand the human context. For example, Google Home can already realize the function of saying "good morning" and automatically broadcast the weather and traffic conditions of the day; now the new speaker goes further, when the owner says "good night", it can automatically turn off some smart home devices, such as light bulbs. Of course, this needs to be set up in advance.

2. Find your phone

    It is also a simple and practical function. Many friends will litter their mobile phones at home. The traditional solution is to use family mobile phones to call their own numbers, but it is very troublesome. With Google Home, just say "OK Google, find my phone" and it works on both iOS and Android. However, if the iPhone is on silent, it won't ring, which is a little bit of Google's selfishness.

3. Home radio

    This is an interesting and useful feature, all Android phones that support Google Assistant can use the radio function. Just tell the Assistant what you want to say, and the message will be broadcast on Google's smart speakers. Let's design a scene: the living room, the child's bedroom, and the study have Google Home Mini, the mother does not need to call one by one when the meal is ready, just say "eat" to the Google Assistant on the phone, and the whole family receives it.

Google Home smart speaker

4. Better control of Nest devices

    Nest is already a Google company, so it is natural to add some linkage. With Google Home, you can better control the Nest thermostat, and new voice commands are easier and more convenient than other smart speakers.

    In addition, Google smart speakers can play white noise while sleeping, control smart home devices, remind yourself to exercise, use hands-free calling, switch to night mode, turn the TV on and off, let it tell a story, find a plumber, and clean Or a local business, help with house-related matters, set up a routine that gets triggered when the user says "Hi Google, good morning", listen to jokes, ask it to remember something, get help in the kitchen, Wake up to your favorite music every day and remind users to watch their favorite shows.

    With the development of technology, the usage scenarios of Google's smart speakers will become more and more open, and our long-term life will become more and more convenient. The sense of technology, intelligence, and comfort in daily life will become stronger and stronger

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