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What Are Smart Speakers and What Are They Used for?


The most popular smart home item in recent years should be the smart speaker. Since the beginning of this year, major technology manufacturers at home and abroad have successively released a variety of smart speaker products. I believe that many of my friends have already bought smart speakers. So what is the purpose of buying smart speakers? You sort out:

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The meaning of smart speakers

  Smart speakers are upgraded products of speakers. Smart speakers are traditional speakers + network + AI voice assistant + Internet services and content + scene-based smart home control capabilities. The degree of intelligence and application richness determine the product experience. On the basis of traditional speakers, smart speakers add intelligent functions, connect to the network through WiFi, use AI voice assistant to complete voice interaction, provide audio content such as music and audiobooks, information queries such as time and weather, recharge shopping, and other services, and have scene-based services. Smart home control capabilities, the intelligence, and application richness of AI voice assistants determine the experience and effects of smart speaker products.

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What is the use of smart speakers 

  1. Listen to music

  I believe that many of my friends have used this function. Friends who love music like this function the most. I used to type and search for music and songs. Now that I have a smart speaker, I want to listen to the song directly. That's it, you can listen to the latest and most popular music while lying down.

  2. Listen to books, news, and stories

  When you have nothing to do or eat breakfast, it is very convenient to let the smart speaker tell you a story or broadcast news. At night, the children's bedtime stories used to be played by you, but now you can do it with smart speakers. Children can tell the story directly to the smart speaker if they want to listen to them, and even save money by buying storybooks.

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  3. Early adopters

  I believe that there are not a few people in this group. What is a smart speaker? What function does it have? I heard that it is very smart, and the price is not too expensive, which is the cost of a meal for many people. Be a tech expert.

  4. Ask questions without typing

  Because smart speakers have the function of voice interaction, if you want to know anything, just ask him directly. Asking about the weather, asking about attractions, adding and subtracting operations, translating between English and Chinese, etc., are trivial for smart speakers. Some smart speakers can also help you buy things online, so you don't even have to run to the supermarket yourself. But what I worry about is whether I will gain weight if I lack exercise for a long time!

  5. Smart home control

  This is a unique recipe for smart speakers. You can turn on the lights, turn off the lights, turn on the TV, turn on the air conditioner, etc. by moving your mouth! With various accessories of the smart home, smart speakers can also achieve many functions.

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