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4 Best Application Scenarios for Smart Speakers


       A smart speaker is a wireless audio and voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant. People use the smart speaker through voice commands, such as asking the smart speaker to play music, broadcast the weather, set an alarm clock, etc. Some smart speakers can also integrate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocol standards for additional uses beyond audio playbacks, such as voice control of smart home devices. Some smart speakers also include touchscreens. A smart speaker with a touch screen is called a smart screen.

  Let's briefly talk about several usage scenarios of smart speakers:

  Scene 1: Living room

  Whether listening to music or controlling lights, the living room should be the preferred location for smart speakers, where everyone can enjoy its convenience and services. Because the living room is a natural public area, whether your Google Home or VS Homeplus is used frequently here will be the highest.

  In the living room, you can use Google Home and Chromecast to check the weather or stream YouTube or Netflix on your TV. You can also set the temperature on the thermostat, or play some tidbits when you're bored.

  Scene 2: Kitchen

  If you choose to buy a second smart speaker, then the kitchen may be the best use case. Not just because of its important place in home life, but it's also where a smart speaker can really come in handy.

  You can use the smart speaker in your kitchen to make a grocery shopping list for kitchen supplies. Or, either Google Home or VS Homeplus can help you cook dinner for your family. For example, set timer functions for different recipes, activate the toaster oven, or play your favorite music while you tidy up the kitchen. And when you're running low on kitchen supplies, you can also use your voice to buy detergent or coffee filters and more.

  In addition, people who may cook often should have a deep understanding that the kitchen is the place where we most need to free our hands. It doesn't matter if you're too busy cooking, or when you're pressing anywhere with those greasy, wet hands.

  Scene 3: Bedroom

  If there are many reasons to have a smart speaker in your kitchen or living room, there are equally many reasons to have one in your bedroom. Smart speakers can not only replace the original alarm clock but also can do more. You can play music, listen to books, listen to the news, and more through smart speakers. It can also help you plan your morning activities in the same way it can provide a break from a distracting night.

  Forgot to turn off the air conditioner before lying down? Don't want to get up to adjust the temperature or reach for your phone. You just need to tell the smart speaker, and it can do it all for you. Of course, the same goes for turning off the lights or locking the door, which is very convenient.

  Scene 4: Bathroom

  Is it weird to put a smart speaker in the bathroom? Also, the bathroom is a sacred place and privacy issues are non-negotiable. But listening to the news or your favorite music in the shower could change the mood of your day.

  Of course, there are many other uses. For example, when you run out of shampoo, you can directly tell the smart speaker to buy it, or tell the smart speaker to make coffee, and you can immediately drink a cup of hot coffee when you walk out of the bathroom.

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