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How to Maintain The Network Set-top Box Properly


From passively receiving TV content to selectively watching TV actively, a small set-top box can bring brand-new changes to our lives. While enjoying this service, are there any tips or precautions for the maintenance or use of TV set-top boxes? Here we have to reflect on why some people can use set-top boxes for 2 or 3 years or even 5 years. Why do some people have various problems after using the TV box for less than a year?

  Next, will sort out some very practical maintenance methods for you, hoping to bring you some help:

  1. Shut down and unplug the box power adapter. The habit of many users is to directly turn off the TV box and TV with the remote control. At this time, the box and TV are in standby mode and still consume power, which is also a very unsafe approach. The correct way is to turn off the TV power first, and then unplug the TV box adapter.

  2. Avoid pulling out the memory card while the TV box is in use. People who have used smartphones know that many mobile phones do not support "hot plugging", and the same is true for TV boxes. Especially when we watch local videos that take up a lot of memory, unplugging the memory card during use will damage the motherboard of the box and cause the system to crash. The correct way is to pull out the memory card after launching the video.

  3. Try to use a network cable to connect to the TV box. Although the network set-top box supports both wireless and Ethernet networking methods, it is better to use a wired network to connect to the TV box, which can ensure the stability of the network and the smoothness of the video.

  4. Do not place the TV box next to high-power electrical appliances. Household appliances with strong electromagnetic interference, such as stereos, will cause the WIFI of the TV box to be unstable or cause the screen to flicker when watching videos.

  5. Avoid frequently plugging and unplugging the interface of the TV box. Frequent plugging and unplugging may lead to poor contact or damage to the interface, and also lead to the entry of dust, affecting the normal operation of the box.

  6. Ensure a stable power output environment. For commonly used electrical appliances, stable voltage input is the key to maintaining their normal operation. Unstable voltage can easily cause damage to the parts inside the box. Generally speaking, the power supply voltage for household use is 220V, so when purchasing a box socket, it is best to choose a socket with a stable voltage function, so as to protect the stable input of the box power supply.

  7. Do not put the TV box in a greasy and humid environment. Long-term exposure to electronic products in a humid environment will cause the metal sheet of the motherboard to rust and corrode, which will affect the normal use of its functions and greatly reduce the service life of the box.

  8. Do not cover the TV box with cardboard or other items or place the TV box in a hidden corner. Such a placement is not conducive to the wireless reception of the TV box and will cause the TV box to freeze and flicker when watching videos.

  9. Regularly clean up unused software or junk files on the TV box. Junk files will occupy the system and memory space, causing the system to run slower and slower. It is recommended to regularly clean up unused files in the TV box.

  10. If your home is not an old TV, please try to use an HDMI high-definition cable to connect to the TV. This can not only ensure the clarity of video transmission but also reduce the energy loss of the box motherboard.

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