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Before buying an Android TV box four things you need to know


Many people will buy Android TV boxes now, so how should we choose from so many brands of TV boxes on the market? I have compiled the following selection methods, you must understand them well before buying an Android TV box, which is very important for you to buy To a reasonable product that will have a good reference value.

  First, Android TV box chip: choose a 64-bit processor

  As modern people are more and more demanding on the entertainment performance of smart TV boxes, TV boxes carry more computing power than in the past, such as games, shopping, learning, life, and other applications, especially Android 5.1 and later versions is more equipped with a 64-bit software system, so you should choose a 64-bit processor when purchasing chips. At present, there is a situation of four-legged rivalry on the market, including HiSilicon, Crystal Morning, Rockchip.

  Second, Android TV box memory: eMMC high-speed flash memory

  The memory determines the smoothness of the TV box system and the smoothness of the application. At present, most TV boxes are equipped with 2GB of large memory, and only a small number of TV boxes already have 3GB of large memory; in terms of flash memory, there is mainly NAND flash memory on the market. and eMMC flash memory. NAND flash memory generally only has a read speed of about 8-15MB/s, while the read and write speed of eMMC is generally above 23MB/s. Set-top boxes using eMMC will greatly improve the boot speed and APP startup speed. Smooth operation experience.

  Third, the output interface of the Android TV box: ordinary users take HDMI, and deep players need to be complete

  When purchasing a TV box, two principles should be followed regarding the interface:

  1. Whether the interface of the TV at home is HDMI or AV three-color interface to choose the set-top box;

  2. Select the richness of the interface according to individual needs.

  For the average user, an HDMI high-definition interface is enough. Simply put, "there is image and sound". For film and television enthusiasts, in addition to the HDMI interface, fiber optics and coaxial cables are also essential, and the conditions allow dual HDMI outputs to be considered. The HDMI version should choose the 2.0 version because the HDMI 2.0YONGYOU 18Gbps high transmission bandwidth can perfectly transmit ultra-high-definition Blu-ray picture quality such as 4K@60Hz and 4K HDR. Simply put, "there is picture quality and sound quality".

  Fourth, support 4K HDR, with TrueHD and DTSHDMA genuine authorization

  With the penetration of TV boxes into hard disk players, more and more TV boxes support powerful local decoding functions. At present, the most popular video format is 4K HDR. The large dynamic range can show the ultimate detail performance, and the audio is composed of TrueHD and DTSHDMA. Two high-definition audio technologies, DTSHDMA, can be transparently transmitted to the rear decoder through HDMI to obtain up to 7.1 surround channels.

  In addition to the above points, I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to several misunderstandings when purchasing:

  1. Purchase the intelligent network set-top box according to personal needs and price range, not the expensive ones, but the right ones;

  2. The intelligent network set-top box is not equal to the game console. It is no problem for 2D games to run smoothly, but occasionally there are still some stutters for 3D games;

  3. Not all Android set-top boxes can install APPs. In order to differentiate the market from their mid-to-high-end models, some Android set-top box manufacturers often do not have an application market, and even do not allow users to install Android APK by themselves. APK application.

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