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What is Intelligent Hardware and What are The Specific Products in Reality?


I. The meaning of Smart Hardware

Smart hardware is a new type of intelligent terminal product and service based on a platform underlying software and hardware, featuring a new generation of information technology such as intelligent sensing and interconnection, human-computer interaction, new display and big data processing, and new design, new material, and new process hardware.

With the upgrading of technology, the improvement of related infrastructure, and the maturity of the application service market, the product form of smart hardware extends from smartphones to smart wearables, smart homes, smart cars, medical health, intelligent unmanned systems, etc., becoming the intersection of information technology and traditional industrial integration.

smart hardware

II. Smart hardware products

Smart hardware products are Smart Homes, smart TV, smart phones, smart cars, smart wearable devices, smart anti-loss devices, smart Bluetooth headphones, smart medical devices, etc.

1, smart home: the smart home is residential as the basis of the operating platform, and the integration of our housing construction, network communications, and home appliance information through high-tech technology to achieve the equipment can be automated management. Including intelligent home appliances, intelligent audio and video, intelligent shading, intelligent lighting, intelligent cleaning, intelligent thermostat, intelligent access control, intelligent monitoring, intelligent anti-theft, etc. The basis of a smart home is the Internet of Things, and the core lies in integrated control. At present, the development of smart homes is still in the stage of independent development of each category.

2、Smart TV: Smart TV not only realizes our general TV playing function but also realizes the function of intelligent operation through an internet connection. For example, you can download applications, install or uninstall various software, etc.

3, smartphones: the beginning of smart hardware, starting from the smartphone.

4、Smart car: Smart car is actually a series of advanced devices such as sensors, cameras, and actuators installed in our ordinary cars. When we use it, we can realize the exchange of information between people and cars through the in-car sensing system, so that the car can sense and analyze the current car driving situation by itself, which replaces human operation, with the latest products such as Google driverless cars.

smart hardware

5, smart wearable devices: wearable devices are widely involved, there are: smart glasses, smart watches, smart bracelets, smart rings, smart neck rings, smart soundproof earplugs, smart shirts, smart sneakers, and so on.

6, smart anti-loss device: smart anti-loss devices through the integration of hardware and software, can realize our cell phones, bicycles, wallets, and other items to achieve connected operation so that any opinion items lost will prompt us. Such as Aoxing Australia Bluetooth anti-loss device.

7, intelligent Bluetooth headset: now there are a lot of cell phones that will have Bluetooth this function, so the Bluetooth headset will inevitably become an option for cell phones. At the same time, with the Bluetooth headset can be connected to cell phones and music players, which will be a new breakthrough in the application of Bluetooth.

8, intelligent medical equipment: representative products intelligent blood pressure meter/blood glucose meter, intelligent prosthesis, intelligent body fat weighing.

Smart hardware is a technology concept after the smartphone, through the combination of hardware and software, the traditional equipment transformation, and then let it have intelligent functions. After intelligence, the hardware has the ability to connect, to achieve the loading of Internet services, forming a typical architecture of "cloud + end", with big data and other additional values. With the development of the times and the progress of technology, intelligent hardware will continue to enter our daily life, bringing great convenience to my life.

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