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Features and Core Technologies of Android Smart Speaker


I. The characteristics of Android smart speakers

  1. The key features of smart speakers include voice interaction, content sharing, Internet services, and smart home control. The smart speaker mainly through the user's voice commands to achieve interactive operation, to provide content and services, smart speakers work with the built-in voice interaction system through the voice algorithm local processing unit and audio decoding unit, collect the user's voice and noise reduction, identify the wake word, and then convert the voice signal into a digital signal, processed and uploaded to the cloud server, the cloud server for its coding recognition and Semantic understanding, and then pass the information to the smart speaker, the smart speaker will then reduce the digital signal through the sound unit as a voice signal and play it out.

  2. Smart speakers integrate acoustic design, wireless technology, voice recognition, far-field pickup, semantic analysis, and many other technologies, compared to ordinary Bluetooth speakers, whether in the hardware or software systems are more advanced technology as support.

  The first function is to play music and voice assistant, as the market competition becomes more intense, the application scenarios continue to increase. From the initial voice assistant to enhance human-computer interaction to the current smart speakers and other smart home interconnection to enhance the user experience, because of the potential of artificial intelligence voice control to become the central entry point for smart home device control. Behind the rapid development of smart speaker products is by no means only the space of the home appliance market itself, but more importantly, the intelligent voice reveals the possibility of smart home and IoT industry-level changes and new business ecology.

II. Android smart speaker core technology

  1、Chip technology

  Chip is the core of smart devices, smart speakers currently provide chip technology mainly from MediaTek, Allwinner Technology, Rexchip, ZTE, Qualcomm, Amlogic, and other manufacturers, in addition to the main control chip, there are digital amplifier chips, audio ADC chip, memory chip, power system management chip, WIFI Bluetooth two-in-one chip, etc.

  2、Microphone array technology

  This technology is the hardware supporting speech recognition, mainly to solve the problem of extracting pure sound sources while suppressing noise in long-distance speech recognition and the complex acoustic environment when there is environmental noise, room reverberation, human voice superposition, model noise, array structure, and other problems, microphone array technology will come into play, and its development mainly presents miniaturization, low cost, intelligence (recognition of multi-person speech)

  3、Speech recognition technology

  The technology is in a relatively mature stage, the general near-field recognition rate can reach more than 90%, and some technology recognition rates can reach 97%.

  4. semantic recognition technology

  Smart speakers can recognize speech is not enough, the key is to recognize the semantics, to understand the user's meaning in order to provide a better interactive experience. The key to the development of semantic recognition technology is the collection of data and the construction of algorithmic models, when the amount of data collected is sufficient, it is possible to build more complex and accurate modeling through algorithmic models, so as to correctly identify the context and semantics. At present, the technology generally has the disadvantages of a high false wakeup rate, unstable continuous dialogue function, and poor semantic understanding, and there is still much room for progress.

  5. content recommendation algorithm

  The intelligence of smart speakers is also reflected in the ability to recommend content according to user needs and improve user satisfaction.

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