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What is the Difference Between Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Speaker?


In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and intelligent voice, smart speakers have become the best-selling electronic products. Smart speakers, many people easily confuse with Bluetooth speakers, because the two have many similarities in all aspects, such as playing music through a wireless connection, and many products look similar.


What is the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a smart speaker? First of all, the connection methods of the two are different. The Bluetooth speaker has a built-in Bluetooth module, which changes from the traditional wire connection mode to the current Bluetooth connection mode. and other electronic devices for Bluetooth connection, so as to achieve convenient and fast connection and use. The smart speaker is connected to related devices through WI-FI, in simple terms, it is connected to related devices through the network.

The functions are also different. The Bluetooth speaker adopts the Bluetooth wireless connection method that we are very familiar with. Its use requires a mobile phone and a speaker to realize audio playback. Once it is separated from the mobile phone and other devices, it will not be able to be used independently. For example, after the Bluetooth speaker is connected to the mobile phone, it receives the audio playback function of the mobile phone, and all the sounds in the mobile phone will be played from the Bluetooth speaker. The smart speaker is different. It uses the WI-FI connection method. After completely leaving the smart electronic device like a mobile phone, it can still play all kinds of audio and video automatically without relying on any external devices. This is also a smart speaker. The biggest difference between the speaker and the Bluetooth speaker is the use method. In addition, smart speakers connected to the Internet can also be used to listen to music, listen to the news, check the weather, and cooperate with other related equipment to control some home appliances. In one sentence, smart speakers will have unlimited possibilities.

At the same time, the two are also very different in terms of transmission speed and sound quality. Whether it is Bluetooth or smart speakers, from the perspective of speakers alone, in fact, the real concern of consumers is sound quality. At present, in some mainstream Bluetooth in the market, The actual transmission rate of the device is 24Mbps, although it seems to be able to satisfy the lossless transmission of the quality, in reality, its rate cannot reach the theoretical value, and the audio is compressed. Decoding with a built-in DAC with a low noise-to-noise ratio and high distortion may be unbearable for users with high audio requirements. In this regard, the transmission rate of smart speakers is much faster. Judging from the current market conditions, the transmission speed of smart speakers is much faster than that of ordinary Bluetooth speakers, which can meet the needs of most consumers for high-quality sound quality.

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