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Amlogic A311D vs S905X4, Which Chip Has Higher Performance?


The performance of the terminal TV box is much higher than that of the general smart TV. It is well known that the performance of the TV will inevitably lag under long-term use, and the hardware configuration cannot keep up with the update of the system application. There will be delays and freezes when there is a resource, and the combination of TV + box can perfectly solve this problem, there is no need to replace a new TV, and it is more economical! Then the question is, how can it be better How to choose a high-performance TV box? What kind of chips are used in high-end boxes, let me give you a detailed introduction.

  The mainstream TV box brands on the market basically use chips from the Amlogic series, Rockchips series, Media Tek series, Hisilicon series, and other brands. When it comes to high-end boxes, it is natural to avoid the Amlogic series. It can be said that well-known box products are basically all Using this brand, Amlogic chips are also divided into: S905 series, S912. S922X, A311D these models, the performance is arranged from low to high. With the increase in market demand, the S905 series has derived a new generation of product "S905X4" this year. Many people have certain expectations for this new chip. The most discussed topic is what will happen when the S905X4 is compared to the A311D. Such sparks come.


  First, let's talk about Amlogic S905X4. This chip uses 12nm process technology, quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture, the computing power of integers can reach 21800+, the main frequency is up to 2.0GHz, and it supports OpenGL ES3.2. Vulkan 1.1 and OpenCL 2.0 Arm, GPU is Mali-G31Mp2.

S905X3 vs S905X4

  When it comes to Amlogic S905X4. everyone thinks more about the difference with the previous generation S905X3. The main difference is that the main frequency of the S905X4 is higher than that of the S905X3. which is about 10% higher. In terms of video decoding, the S905X4 supports 4K 120 10bit AV1 decoding. This format can bring better picture optimization effects on ultra-high-definition resources such as 8K and improve the visual experience. In terms of audio, the S905X4 has added a fourth-generation HiFi DSP, which can highly optimize the processor and provide up to 140 HIFI-optimized audio and voice coding.

KM6 S905X4

  Then there is Amlogic A311D, which is an "AI application processing chip", mainly designed for OTT/IP high-end media boxes, quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 + dual-core Cortex-A53 architecture, L2 cache, included in the CPU core The NEON SIMD co-processor is used, and its main function is to improve the processing capability of software video media; the GPU uses Mali TM-G52 MP4. Together with the CPU, it mainly processes the operating system, network, main interface and games.


  Amlogic A311D has high performance and integrates hardware video decoders and encoders for marine use. It also integrates functional modules for user digital TV broadcast streams. The advantages are excellent video decoding and external tuners can be connected.

KA3D A311D

  The following is a comparison chart of the S905X4 and A311D made by the author. It can be clearly seen from the figure that even the latest version of the S905 is still inferior to the A311D in terms of core number, architecture and running points. Although the A311D is already a few The chip was launched a few years ago, but it is still the strongest in the Amlogic series in terms of performance.

A311D vs S905X4

  Summary: Although S905X4 is not as good as A311D in performance, it still has certain advantages in ultra-clear video optimization. When buying a high-end TV box, you can choose according to your own needs. Regarding the brand of the chip, it is best to use Amlogic as the Lord, after all, it is a brand that specializes in making box chips.

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