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The difference between a TV stick and a TV box


        In order to further enrich the family entertainment life and expand the functions of traditional TVs, a series of TV companion products represented by Android smart systems have emerged, the most notable of which are TV boxes and TV sticks. In terms of appearance, the difference between the two can be distinguished intuitively, but in terms of function, many consumers do not have a complete understanding of it. Here, the two are compared in detail:

  Conceptual cognition

  The TV box is a small computing terminal device. As long as it is simply connected to a traditional TV through technologies such as HDMI or component line, it can realize web browsing, online video playback, application installation, and even connect your mobile phone to a traditional TV. , photos and videos from your tablet are projected to the large-screen TV in your home.

  The TV stick is a video application product developed using the world's leading IPTV technology. It is designed and developed based on the Android system; the signal of the TV stick comes from the server and is transmitted to the computer receiver through the network.

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  Price gap

  However, from the appearance of the TV box and the TV stick, the two can be clearly distinguished. Even if some of the current boxes are made into small and exquisite models, they can still be distinguished at a glance compared to the TV stick the size of a U disk. The size of the shape determines to a certain extent the number of materials used, as well as the internal PCB version, components, chips, and other considerations. Therefore, the price of TV sticks is generally lower than that of TV boxes, which is generally equivalent to one-half of the price. selling price.

  External interface

  Both of them can browse online resources by connecting to the network, while the TV box has richer interfaces due to the elegant design of the product. It can connect to the network through both wireless and wired methods, and supports HDMI and traditional TV connections. The color difference cable is connected; the TV stick is limited by its own shape, and there is no redundant network cable interface, only through a WIFI wireless connection, and in the interface setting, there is only one HDMI interface, and the USB interface needs to be used for power supply; expansion The TV box can support USB access to storage devices such as mobile hard disks and U disks, and directly play the audio and video files inside through the box decoding, while the TV stick has no advantages in this regard.

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