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Which Android TV box is easy to use, and how to choose a TV box in 2022?


The Android TV box is not small in size, but its functions are not small. It can replace the traditional digital set-top box and enjoy rich Internet video resources. Therefore, it has become the first of many users. So which TV box is the best in 2022? Here are three major tips to help you buy.

1. Hardware configuration is the primary factor

Although it is said that when purchasing, you cannot just look at the parameter data of the product, but the level of some core parameters still determines the performance of the TV box and the smoothness of playback. Here I remind everyone to be careful about low-priced boxes with fake configurations. Some of them claim to have 8-core processors, but they actually only have 4 cores, which misleads users.

2. Choose a compatible Android system

The TV box not only needs a large storage space, but also needs to be considered in terms of compatibility. It is recommended that you prefer the Android system with good compatibility. Some unpopular systems cannot even download many popular APP software, which is very limited. At the same time, the deeply optimized Android system is easier and more convenient to operate.

3. Look at the cooling function of the box

Many people don't notice the heat dissipation of the TV box. After buying it home, they find that the box is very hot and even causes problems such as freezes and crashes. You must know that most of the chips of electronic products have a certain temperature limit, and the direct consequence of poor heat dissipation will be stuck.

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