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Practical Life Functions of AI Smart Speakers You Should Know


In recent years, AI smart speakers have entered people's lives as the entrance to smart homes. So what are the practical functions of AI smart speakers?

  1. Use AI smart speakers to find mobile phones:

  If you don't know where your phone is in the house, then say to the speaker, help me find your phone, the AI smart speaker will ask you for your phone number, and after you tell it, it will dial your phone, so you can follow the sound to find the phone.

  2. Let the AI smart speaker come to some music:

  Since it is a speaker, of course, we must make full use of it to play music! Just say some music to the speaker, and it will randomly play some music for you. Of course, you can also specify the music you want to listen to, and it will meet your individual requirements.

  3. Let the AI smart speaker remind you:

  If you have an important thing to do in 1 hour, you can tell the speaker to remind me in 1 hour, then it will set an alarm for you and remind you on time in 1 hour.

  4. Let the AI smart speaker count down:

  If you need to skip the rope for one minute, you can say to the speaker, please count down for 1 minute for me, then it will set a countdown and count down for you with the sound of Didi and the voice reminder of the remaining time.

  5. Let the AI smart speaker tell you the time:

  For example, say to the speaker, what is the lunar calendar today? What's the date today? What's the time now? ...AI smart speakers will tell you the answer right away.
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  6. Use AI smart speakers to check the weather:

  You can ask the speaker, how is the weather today? Is there any haze today? ...let the AI smart speaker tell you the answer.

  7. Use AI smart speakers to listen to the news, novels, tell jokes, tell stories, etc.:

  You can say to the speaker, what is the important news today? Tell a joke? Tell a cat and mouse story! 

  8. Chat with AI smart speakers:

  You can chat about your life and ideals with AI smart speakers, but... it is really not humane enough compared to people and often asks non-answers.

  9. Let AI smart speakers control smart home appliances:

  After connecting to the smart home appliances in the AI smart speaker APP, you can say some commands to control the smart home appliances to the AI smart speaker and control the home appliances through voice. For example, turn on the lights, dim the lights a little, and the sweeping robot starts sweeping

  10. AI smart speakers of various brands will also have some unique functions.
For example, a certain smart speaker can charge phone bills and shop, and another smart speaker can listen to the content of some audio websites... You can choose according to your own Choose the most suitable AI smart speaker for you and experience more functions!

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