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Videostrong Invites Attendees to Experience the OTT Home Gaming at CABSAT 2024



[Dubai, May 22nd 2024] – Videostrong, a leading provider of AndroidTV box original design manufacturing services and AIoT smart hardware solutions, will unveil its comprehensive OTT Home Gaming Ecosystem Solution at this year’s CABSAT conference. Attendees are invited to visit Videostrong’s booth to experience the future of home gaming and entertainment.


Key Features of the OTT Home Gaming Ecosystem Solution:


Seamless Integration: Videostrong’s solution offers seamless integration of hardware and gaming content applications, ensuring a smooth and continuous gaming experience.


High-Definition Visuals: With high-definition visuals and 4K output on large screens, every detail of the gaming environment comes to life, providing an unparalleled visual experience.


Customized Gaming Content: Tailored gaming content caters to individual preferences, delivering a personalized gaming journey.


Special Features:

The solution includes over 50 proprietary interactive games and dozens of interactive fitness sets. With a focus on family fitness activities, these games effectively exercise various parts of the body. The main concept revolves around the living room being both a gym and a family entertainment area, making it a versatile space for both fitness and fun. The latest 4K OTT box has enhanced hardware capabilities to provide gaming schemes with a wide range of streaming content with superior visual clarity and performance.


OTT Game Solution

For more information or inquiries please contact sales@videostorng.com.

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