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Videostrong Unveils Next-Gen OTT + IoT Solutions at HK Electronics Fair 2024


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Hong Kong, April 15, 2024
– Videostrong Technology, a leading provider of innovative over-the-top (OTT) solutions, proudly announced its participation in the prestigious Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2024. At the event, Videostrong showcased its latest advancements in combining OTT and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, unveiling a range of groundbreaking solutions designed to revolutionize the way people interact with digital content and smart devices.


Videostrong highlighted its commitment to driving innovation through the seamless integration of OTT and IoT technologies.  By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, advanced connectivity, and user-centric design, Videostrong has developed a suite of solutions that deliver unparalleled convenience, entertainment, and connectivity to consumers worldwide.


Key Highlights of Videostrong's Showcase Included:

Smart OTT set-top boxes equipped with advanced AI capabilities for personalized content recommendations, voice control, and seamless integration with IoT devices.  These next-generation devices offer users an immersive entertainment experience while seamlessly connecting with their smart home ecosystem.


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An OTT streaming device management solution, compatible with Google-certified Android TV boxes, allows operators to efficiently deploy and manage streaming devices at a large scale.  The cloud-based system offers device provisioning, diagnostics, and monitoring capabilities that reduce operational costs and improve customer experiences.


HC1 Product Wins HKTDC EIA Award

Last year's award-winning products, including the HC1 product that embodies Videostrong's innovation in connecting seniors with home care and entertainment through supporting IoT home entertainment solutions including smart speakers and home automation devices, are proudly showcased this year.  The showcase invites attendees to experience firsthand the unparalleled quality and innovation that earned the products industry acclaim.

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