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In the era of intelligence you should understand how smart speaker work and how to choose your smart


       In recent years, it can be said that smart speakers have exploded. Technology giants Google and Amazon have successively launched smart speaker products, and smart speakers have instantly become the most popular smart hardware products at the moment.

  The official launch of Apple's HomePod has once again set off a wave of smart speakers in the technology circle, attracting people from all walks of life who want to enter the pit of smart speakers.

  There are many smart speaker brands, from parameters to functions to prices, and it takes a lot of effort to compare each link. Especially for users who start smart speaker products for the first time, they prefer to maximize benefits through one purchase. So for them, how to choose an excellent smart speaker is particularly important.


  How smart speakers work

  The following describes how the two functions of smart speakers are realized:

  1) The working principle of the content and services provided by the smart speaker: Assuming that the consumer sends an instruction to the smart speaker to "inquire about the flight ticket from A to B", the voice interaction system of the smart speaker collects the voice, reduces the Noise, recognize wake words, convert voice signals into digital signals, and then upload the processed digital signals to the cloud server. The cloud server will perform voice digital code recognition and semantic understanding, and then transfer the information in the air ticket reservation database to the intelligent Speakers, smart speakers restore the above digital signals to voice signals through the sound effect unit and play them out.

  2) The working principle of smart speaker controlling smart home: Assuming that the consumer sends the command "turn off the light" to the smart speaker, the smart speaker collects and recognizes the voice and encodes the voice digital code through the cloud server for semantic understanding, and the obtained information Feed back to the home router and broadcast this control command through the router. The smart home devices have their own unique IP numbers, and the smart home can identify whether their own IP numbers are involved in the command. Finally, after the identification of the socket of the light is completed, the command to turn off the light is completed.

  The intelligent voice interaction system of smart speakers is the key technology to realizing its intelligence. The intelligent voice interaction system needs to have: 1) far-field recognition, 2) wake-up word wake-up, 3) voice recognition, and 4) semantic understanding. Any device that supports an intelligent voice interaction system can become a control center using voice as a medium, so in addition to smart speakers, it can also be used in cars, mobile phones, and wearable devices.


  So what should you pay attention to when choosing a smart speaker?

  1. Preferred "smart" or "sound quality"

  When choosing a smart speaker, it is an eternal topic to focus more on "intelligence" or "sound quality". In my opinion, if there is not a strong need for a certain function, the cost-effectiveness of the combination of the two is the first point of choosing a smart speaker.

  Using the least amount of money to ensure the level of intelligence and sound quality at the same time is the primary condition for me to choose a smart speaker.

  2. Equipment ductility

  The scalability of the device is also a point that I pay great attention to when choosing a smart speaker. Although Apple products are still very attractive to me, facing the HomePod that can only connect to HomeKit products, I really have to think twice.

  Therefore, having superior scalability, being able to connect more external devices, and building in more functional software is an essential elements of an all-around smart speaker.

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