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What is the purpose of buying a smart speaker?


Smart speakers are the product of speaker upgrades and are a tool for home consumers to use voice to surf the Internet. With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, smart speakers are being integrated into our daily life at a visible speed. So, as a consumer, what is the purpose and reason for us to buy smart speakers and not to buy smart speakers?

The purpose of buying a smart speaker

1. Voice control of smart speakers

Smart speakers have one or more built-in microphones that allow you to speak the commands the speaker will follow (based on its capabilities). So, with an internet connection, you can get the temperature, listen to the weather forecast, turn up the volume, and more.

2. Virtual Home Assistant

In addition to voice recognition and control, smart speakers can also act as virtual home assistants. Home Assistant features may include access to local radio stations, TV and lighting controls, message dictation, audiobook playback, language translation, shopping (including ordering takeaway and delivery), and speakerphone. Of course, these additional features are provided at the discretion of the manufacturer and none, one or more may be built in. Some features may require a firmware upgrade or integration with external devices that require additional purchase (such as a smart plug that connects to your lights).

3. Enrich daily life

Smart speakers will give different responses according to the voice commands we send, which will invisibly provide many people with a window to express their emotions and enrich their daily lives.

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Reasons not to buy a smart speaker

1. The high cost of smart speakers

As with most electronic devices, there is a cost factor. Manufacturers lure you with seemingly cheap smart speakers. However, once addicted, it may cost money to add more speakers to place in other rooms of the house. Of course, you may also decide to spend more to add peripherals to control different parts of your home environment

2. Privacy issues

As a product form of artificial intelligence technology, the development of smart speakers is still immature. Some technologies lead to abnormal work, which will cause security risks in the artificial intelligence system and lead to various defects. There is a risk of leakage of personal information security and privacy.

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