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What is smart old age care, and what are the main aspects?


Smart elderly care is a sensor network system and information platform for the elderly at home, in communities, and in elderly care institutions. On this basis, it provides real-time, fast, efficient, low-cost, IoT, interconnected, and intelligent elderly care services. With the advancement of science and technology, new types of old-age care methods are becoming more and more popular, and a series of high-tech products such as TV boxes designed only for parents have emerged in society to improve the quality of life of the elderly in their later years and solve the problem of loneliness of empty nesters to the greatest extent. Smart old-age care, migratory-bird-style old-age care, information-based old-age care, and other new forms.

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  Smart old-age care is mainly reflected in three aspects:

  1. Remote monitoring of the life of the elderly

  Just imagine, if the elderly falls at home, the safety sensor can immediately notify medical staff and family members; if the elderly has not moved for a long time or the water and electricity facilities in the home have not been used for a long time, the sensors in the home can also notify the background to remind the family to pay attention to the safety of the elderly; the elderly go out You can also carry wearable sensors with you when there is an accident, and family members can also know in real-time if an accident occurs.

  2. Real-time monitoring of the health of the elderly

  Smart old-age care can not only bring protection to the elderly but also monitor the health of the elderly in an all-around way. After the sensor is connected to various wearable smart medical devices, it can monitor the physical condition of the elderly at any time. Once an abnormality is found, family members and medical staff can respond quickly and implement rescue.

  3. Establish a database of the health of the elderly

  The physical information of the elderly collected by wearable devices and smart medical devices can be uploaded to the cloud uniformly to establish a health database for the elderly. These data can feed back on the real health status of the elderly and provide data support for future medical behaviors.

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