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Briefly describe how to use the TV stick



How to use the TV stick

  The TV stick is a USB stick similar to a U disk. It can transmit the signal transmitted from the network to the receiving end of the computer, providing more viewing information and film and television programs for the computer and TV. The appearance of the TV stick meets people's demand for more and better programs and provides people with a richer source of film and television viewing. So is the TV stick easy to use? How is the TV stick used? Now let's take a closer look at whether the TV stick is easy to use and how to use it.

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What is a TV stick

  The TV stick is a box with a video website, which is shaped like a U disk, and this website collects various TV programs. When users use it, they only need to connect it to the computer, and it can run automatically. Just choose your favorite TV programs to watch according to your needs. Just like the media player, it can accept multiple TV programs. Its signal also comes from the server and thus is transmitted to the receiving end of the computer through the network.


How to use the TV stick

  1. Insert the TV stick into the computer and click the option on the desktop.

  2. After opening, you can see an image.

  3. Double-click the image, and then a screen similar to the world map will appear. On the left side of it is the selection of TV channels, including TV and videos from cities around the world. Users only need to click on the area they want to see to see your Wanted TV show too.


The specific operation method of the TV stick

  1. Insert the USB interface of the TV stick into the computer, and install the driver and player software.

  2. After installation, search for TV channels.

  3. After that, you can play TV programs.

  4. Now the newly published TV stick also has the latest game online function.

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