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What are the common problems with Android set-top boxes? You will know after reading it


Android set-top box refers to a fully open platform like a smartphone, equipped with the Android operating system, and users can install and uninstall programs provided by third-party service providers such as software and games by themselves. A general term for a new generation of set-top boxes that can be expanded and can surf the Internet through network cables and wireless networks.

  So, what problems do we usually encounter when we use Android set-top boxes?

  1. The screen is black and there is no image

  (1) The current program has no signal, you can switch channels to watch other programs.

  (2) Press the menu button, and the TV screen should display the set-top box menu, otherwise, we should see what is displayed on the front panel of the set-top box. If "OPEN" is displayed all the time, it means that the EEPROM, program chip, and program memory SDRAM are bad; if "CHxx" is displayed after booting, it means that the set-top box has been working normally. At this time, you should check whether the line connection between the set-top box and the TV is normal. , whether the current input status of the TV corresponds to the audio and video input jacks on the back panel.

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  2. Image Huaping

  Huaping: The screen is in the shape of snowflakes, and there is no menu background.

  There is no doubt that this phenomenon must be caused by the failure of the set-top box. This may be due to problems with the decoding part of the main chip, the SDRAM for temporary storage and exchange of audio and video data, and the vias of the PCB board.

  3. The set-top box does not turn on

  First, let's talk about the booting process of the set-top box: at the moment of booting, the reset circuit provides a reset voltage to the main chip and program memory to reset, and then the main chip is embedded with a CPU to initialize itself, issue a reset RESET signal, and perform initial detection on each control part. After the detection is correct, the set-top box will be powered on normally.

  The main chip, program chip, and program memory constitute the control system of the set-top box. Through this process, we can see that no part of the control system can be faulty, otherwise, it will cause the machine not to be turned on. Of course, during maintenance, we should know whether the reset circuit and clock circuit are normal or not is the premise to ensure the normal start-up of the set-top box. At the same time, we also need to visually check whether the components of the motherboard are soldered or falsely soldered.

  4. Restart the set-top box

  The first thing to rule out for this kind of fault is whether the power supply board and the main board components have the phenomenon of false welding and false welding and then check the set-top box software. If the software version of the set-top box is lower, the stability will be slightly worse, although it will not affect it. Watching normally, but this glitch is also annoying.


  5. No power supply

  This fault should be distinguished from the failure of the set-top box to boot. We mainly analyze the power board failure, and the main board is also the focus of our inspection because the short circuit of the main board will also cause the power board to work abnormally.

  6. The digital tube display is not good

  The digital tube display is incomplete and lacks strokes.

  (1) The displayed command sent by the main chip does not reach the panel nixie tube driver IC normally for processing, which requires checking the relevant connection lines, and secondly, the panel nixie tube driver IC may be defective.

  (2) The digital tube is aging or the quality is not good enough.

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  7. No signal

  The set-top box has no signal during a full-band search or single-band search, and the signal indicator on the front panel does not light up.

  This phenomenon is analyzed in two cases:

  (1) The signal line is not connected properly, or the line is faulty.

  (2) The set-top box is faulty, it is necessary to check the power supply of the tuner, the connection between the tuner and the main chip, the key voltage and waveform from the main chip to the tuner, and finally, we can replace it with a good tuner to detect.

  The above are common problems. Of course, Android set-top boxes will have specific problems due to different configurations, which will be discussed later.

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