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3D vision + far-field voice + Google certified STB all-in-one product, take you to play smart home


With the continuous update and iteration of smart home products, network set-top boxes also have more and more product forms, and Videostrong has launched an innovative all-in-one product - KA3D Plus.

  Hardware Specifications of KA3D Plus:

  KA3D Plus adopts Amlogic A311D quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 CPU cluster and dual-core Cortex-A53 cluster chip, unified L2 cache to improve system performance. Each CPU core contains a separate NEON SIMD co-processor to increase software media processing capabilities.

  3D Vision of KA3D Plus:

  KA3D Plus has a built-in 3D structured light depth-of-field camera with a privacy protection cover, 100° field of view, higher security, higher precision, and better adaptability to ambient light.

1. Support one-click video calls and video conferences via Google Duo and ZOOM

  A. When answering the phone

  a. No need to make an appointment in advance, no need to turn on the TV, like a smartphone to answer the call at any time, even in the middle of the night or you are doing other things.

  b. The double reminder of sound and indicator light can help you not miss any call.

  c. If you do not turn on the TV, when you call, the TV will automatically turn on. (TV needs to support CEC)

  d. No need for complicated steps, just one key to answer.

  e. Enjoy video calls on the giant screen as if you were right next to each other, and the built-in wide-angle camera allows you to lie on the sofa or do other things without falling out of the camera.

  f. In case the remote control is not found at any time, the answer button on the device can also be answered with one key.

KA3D Video Calling

  B. When making a phone call

  It's as easy as answering a call, with one touch to the nearest contact. There is no need to book in advance and the TV does not need to be turned on.

  2. Compared with the 2D camera, the 3D camera has more depth map dimensions, has higher accuracy in imaging, and can adapt to more complex and finer computer vision algorithms. In industries with high security such as finance, security, etc., in application scenarios with high requirements for an interactive experience, grab the 3D coordinates of key human skeleton points, and give more accurate real-time intelligent action guidance such as somatosensory games, intelligent fitness, online Interactive education has unique advantages in scenarios that require high accuracies, such as home care security monitoring and behavior analysis.

KA3D Camera for behavior analysis

  Far-field voice of KA3D Plus:

  1. When making a video call, use the far-field voice recognition technology, immersive large-screen video call, 5-meter high-definition sound pickup, free your hands, and use the most comfortable posture to nest on the sofa for a family video connection. Multi-person video calls, watching and chatting, let the family have an online party.

  2. Built-in Google voice assistant to open up the Google smart ecosystem. Hands-free, with just your voice commands, you can talk to yourself like a friend, help you easily enjoy movies and entertainment, get information, control your smart home, arrange your schedule as you want, and more

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