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What is an Android TV stick and how does a TV stick work?


      When it comes to TV, everyone should know it, but many people may be very unfamiliar with TV sticks. So what exactly is a TV stick? In fact, a TV stick is a kind of stick that can be used to watch TV. Isn’t it very mysterious? In fact, we should not make too much of a fuss about the TV stick. It is not very surprising to realize the hardware equipment for watching TV!

  What is an Android TV Stick?

  Android Smart TV Stick (also known as Google TV Stick, Smart TV Stick, Android HDMI TV Stick, Android HD TV Stick, etc.), is an Android operating system with an HDMI interface, similar to a U disk shape product. Plug it into the HDMI interface of the TV, and the ordinary TV becomes a smart TV, which can watch movies, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, etc. Simply put, the combination of a smart TV stick and a TV, coupled with a universal mouse and keyboard, is equivalent to a large-screen Android tablet.

  How TV sticks work

  A TV stick is also known as a USB TV stick or Internet TV stick. The shape is like the size of a U disk, and it is easy to carry. Through the software integrated into its chip, as long as your computer can access the Internet, you can receive more than 6.000 various domestic and foreign live TV channels. At the same time, it also brings together a large number of high-definition movies, TV series, and 3D video resources. So how does the TV stick work?

  The working principle of the TV stick is simply that the user uses the encryption chip of the TV stick, and then accesses the TV programs provided on the server in Hong Kong and the United States through the Internet. The principle of the TV stick is very simple, the main link is the remote server resources.

  The TV stick is an audio-visual terminal device developed based on IPTV application technology. It adopts a closed network to maintain high-definition video quality, allowing users to simultaneously intercept IPTV movies and surf the Internet on the line. The signal of the TV stick comes from the server and is transmitted to The computer receiver, therefore, the TV stick must be used on a computer with Internet access. The software of the TV stick runs in the memory, which limits the reading and writing of the storage medium, so as to avoid infection with viruses; according to the definition, there are mainly three types of USB TV sticks on the market, namely standard definition TV sticks and high-definition TV sticks.

  After all, a TV stick is just a USB flash drive with a link to a video website. This "universal TV stick" is not a high-tech product. Its cost is the cost of a USB flash drive, and there is almost no cost for installing software. At present, many websites at home and abroad provide regular TV programs. This website collects the videos of various TV stations, and the TV stick is equivalent to an online video collector.

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