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What is an Android Smart TV Stick and what functions does it have?



  Android Smart TV Stick, also known as Android TV Stick, is a U-disk-like product with an HDMI interface running the Android operating system. Plug it into the HDMI interface of the TV, and an ordinary TV becomes a smart TV. Simply put, the combination of a smart TV stick and a TV, coupled with a universal mouse and keyboard, is equivalent to a large-screen Android tablet.


  1. Entertainment. The smart TV stick is connected to the Internet, you can watch TV, movies, news, and even play games online; even if you don’t go online, you can play the content stored in its own memory; advanced players can even install BT downloaded software to the smart TV stick, Use your spare time to download content and watch it conveniently.

  2. Office work. Smart TV stick, also known as "Android computer stick", if the monitor in the office supports HDMI, after inserting the smart TV stick, it can become an Android computer that can work, send and receive emails, instant messaging software, Office document processing, etc. When playing PPT to guests, you can carry a small Android computer stick and plug it into the HDMI port of the projector, just like using a computer.

  3. Live. Cloud storage technology is becoming more and more common. Many users usually take photos and videos on their mobile phones and store them directly in the cloud. When you get home and use a smart TV stick, you can easily see some replays of your trip on your TV. Convenient, easy, and safe.

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