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What is the difference between ott set-top box and iptv set-top box


Definition of OTT and IPTV

  IPTV is interactive network television, which is a brand-new technology that uses broadband cable television networks to integrate various technologies such as the Internet, multimedia, and communication, and provides a variety of interactive services, including digital TV, to home users. Users can enjoy IPTV services in two ways at home: (1) computer, (2) network set-top box + ordinary TV. It can well adapt to the rapid development trend of today's network and make full and effective use of network resources. IPTV is different from both traditional analog cable TV and classic digital TV. Because both traditional and classic digital TV has the characteristics of frequency division, timing, one-way broadcasting, etc.; although classic digital TV has many technological innovations compared to analog TV, it is only a change in signal form; it does not touch the media content. Propagation mode. OTT is the abbreviation of "Over The Top", and an OTT set-top box refers to a high-definition terminal device that users watch online videos through the Internet. Up to now, an OTT box can be simply understood as an Internet TV set-top box.


The difference between OTT and IPTV

1. The difference in transmission: IPTV uses the IP metropolitan area network, and OTT uses the Internet.

2. The difference in content: IPTV is mainly the content of the licensee; OTT except for the content of the licensee + the content of the video network (with copyright) + others.

3. The difference between screens: IPTV is still only for TV screens; OTT has more Pad and Phone screens (so-called multi-screen interaction).

4. Technical differences: OTT is a public network, that is, the Internet is connected to the Internet through an IP network, and it is the same network as your computer. The IPTV is a private network, and it also passes through the IP network, but it is not connected to the Internet and directly points to the IPTV platform. To put it in perspective, IPTV itself forms a local area network. Because OTT uses the public network, it is more open and free than IPTV. Because IPTV uses a private network, the quality, and stability of watching programs are more guaranteed than OTT.

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