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What happened to Android smart speakers and briefly explain the reasons for their current situation.

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Smart speakers were once considered to be another very important Internet portal in addition to cell phones and were highly expected by many manufacturers. Time of major Internet companies have come down to enter the smart speaker market and launched a variety of Android smart speaker products. The smart speaker market ushered in an unprecedented boom, a hundred flowers, so lively. With the passage of time, the continuous penetration of the product, and the recent smart speaker on the Internet are being discussed less and less hot. And the actual situation is indeed true, according to a report released by a well-known data analyst, in the first half of 2022 China's smart speaker market sales fell 27.1% year-on-year, while sales also fell 16.2% year-on-year, Q1 quarter global smart speaker shipments fell 5% year-on-year. This is undoubted to the smart speaker market splashed a pot of cold water. What happened to this emerging market that Internet companies had high hopes for? Why smart speakers are not bought now? What went wrong with this product?


  First, Android smart speakers are not very smart

  I don't know if you have this experience, at home chatting with friends suddenly Android smart speaker inexplicably woke up, and the scene is very awkward. As a smart device, the smart speaker smart experience is always poor. Smart speakers listen to the sound from the surrounding area in real time through the microphone integrated into the speaker, always waiting to be woken up.

  Each user needs to input voice wake-up words plus operating instructions to the speaker to complete a set of operations. Limited by the efficiency of voice recognition and network conditions, Android smart speakers often do not understand your voice commands or misjudged what you ordered them to do. At the moment, intelligent voice recognition is still far from the ideal state of people, manufacturers over-packaged intelligent experience is just a beautiful vision.

  Second, there is nothing the phone and tablet can't do

  Android smart speaker is difficult to achieve market success, a large part of the reason is that the function and cell phones are too overlapping. Whether it is an intelligent voice assistant or a control smart home you can directly on the phone to complete, there is no need to buy an additional smart speaker at home. In addition, most smart speakers are very crotch sound quality, and listening to music needs are not met.

  Although the smart speaker with touch screen is replacing the traditional smart speaker to become the mainstream of the market. Smart speaker interaction has changed from voice to voice plus touch, which makes the smart speaker looks more like a tablet computer. Most of the mainstream touch screen smart speaker's main features are actually pseudo-demand, such as through the touch screen smart speaker to parents and children on the phone, through the touch screen speaker query Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu translation, there is a touch screen smart speaker can watch Akiyip, Youku and other websites video or Internet classes. These things you can also do on the TV and tablet PC, and tablet PC can do more and do better. The only advantage of touchscreen smart speakers may be cost-effective, the market price is generally between a few hundred to thousands of dollars, much cheaper than a tablet and TV.


  Finally, the function of Android smart speakers' positioning

  As the entrance to the smart home, smart speakers from the beginning of the positioning are not very clear, it assumes part of the function of the phone, but not as much as the phone can do, and not as comprehensive as the phone. It is a speaker, but the sound quality performance is not as good as it should be. This leads to the smart speaker the beginning of the product positioning is not very clear, and positioning is not clear there is no clear product selling point, and thus will not be able to attract more consumer groups. Smart speakers, to put it bluntly, just belong to the icing on the cake type of product, no it does not cause any inconvenience to your life, but they may add to your block. In the era of smartphones being so popular, the development of smart speakers should return to the origin of the speaker and think clearly about why people actually want to buy a speaker.

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