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Foreign trade  salesman

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the management and promotion of Alibaba International Station account and ranking exposure, including daily enquiry, quotation, product release, and optimization of advertising materials.

2. Continue to develop new customers, maintain old customers, clearly understand the needs of customers, analyze and organize old customers who have not placed orders for a long time, and promptly make orders  for transactions.

3. After the order is completed, clear and unambiguous orders will be conveyed to the company, arrange cargo transportation, and after-sales maintenance, payment, etc.

4. Search and collect customer information and market information to provide information reference for company positioning pricing and brand building.

5. Develop new customers through social platforms and search engines such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, WhatsApp, Google.Bing.

6. Participate in overseas exhibitions, HK exhibitions, etc., invite and receive customers.

7. Learn product information and do professional customer service.

8. Complete other tasks arranged by the superior leadership.

Android development engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for developing and maintaining applications based on android system;

2. Responsible (assisted) related module requirements analysis, product design, document writing, code writing, unit testing;

3. Assisting the artist to beautify the software interface;

4. Responsible for the resolution of key technical issues of Android;

5, responsible for the performance and stability of the Android system debugging;

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics or computer science

2, have good object-oriented analysis and design capabilities, skilled use of java development language;

3, 2 years of experience in Android application software development, proficient in using Eclipse, Android SDK and other development tools;

4, there are more than 2 independently completed Android client application software; (main part)

5, have system-level Android application architecture design experience, can control the main work of Apps application development;

6, there are network Apps, media (video, pictures, music) Apps development experience;

7. Familiar with webkit, Javascript, multimedia playback and other technologies;

8, can develop a variety of Android applications with TV screens, mobile device touch screens, etc.;

9. Those who have developed a network player based on AMLOGIC, RK, etc. are preferred.

10. Experience in developing DVB-T2/DVB-S2 based on Android network player box is preferred.

about us:

Formerly known as Shenzhen Videostrong Technology Co.,Ltd.

, Shenzhen Videostrong Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a professional digital audio and video product research and development, professional ARM, program design, production and sales company, ARM solution provider, program rk3399, Rk3288, provided by the amlogic series.

After years of development, we have established our own cross-border e-commerce company, and our business lines have gradually expanded to pets, LEDs, smart homes, kitchen utensils, etc. The products are sold well in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

The company has a strong development team and overseas service support to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services. After years of hard work, we have won good reviews from our customers.

Shenzhen Videostrong Technology Co.,Ltd. covers an area of 60,000 square meters. 6 SMT production lines, 2 AI lines and 500 staff. Production of 300,000 units per month. ISO9001 and ISO14001 ensure quality and management. After that, we have a stricter quality control system: ISO9001:2008. As a 20-year history, our company has won a good reputation!

See the company website for details:

Company benefits:

1. Working hours: 7.5 hours / day working system (09:10-18:00);

2. Perfect holiday combination: enjoy national statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave (parent leave), bereavement leave, annual leave, etc.

3. Complete welfare system: six insurance (nursing + medical + unemployment + work injury + birth + commercial accident insurance)

4. Colorful employee activities: regular cultural and sports activities, staff gatherings, annual domestic or international travel, holiday evenings, outstanding employee recognition activities, etc.;

5. Diversified training: pre-job training, technical training, market training, product training, general training, etc.;

6. Good promotion opportunities: talent orientation training, professional development channel (horizontal development), management development channel (longitudinal promotion);

Contact: Miss Huang Tel: 0755-27789361; 13612828007

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